Food & Climate Change

We have diverted over 200 tonnes of food surplus from going into landfill and made delicious gourmet meals for anyone who needs a nutritious meal.

That’s the equivalent of 33 elephants; 2 blue whales and 2 and a half killer whales.

Photo from Unsplash by Red Charlie
Photo from Unsplash by Lee Kelaii
killer whale and calves in the sea, the equivalent of 200 tonnes of surplus food
Photo from Unsplash by Nites Jain

34% of all green house gases come from man made food systems. At the moment an estimated one third of all food produced in the world goes to waste, that would be enough calories to feed every under nourished person on planet earth but wasted food isn’t just a social and humanitarian concern, it’s an environmental one.

When we waste food we also waste the water and the energy it takes to grow, harvest, transport and package it. At the EBFC we don’t do things by halves, in the past 18 months we have converted 200 tonnes of surplus food destined for landfill into over 110,000+ meals and we are still cooking.